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A Vision for the Future of Biomedical Care

A Vision For The Future Of Biomedical Care

In 1999, I had a job interview at a dialysis clinic. Having only worked in the restaurant business, my idea of a job interview was walking into an establishment wearing shorts and a t-shirt to explain my experience and availability — so that’s just what I did here too! While sitting there, in jeans and a t-shirt, the interviewer asked a dozen questions I was absolutely not prepared for. Stumbling and fumbling over my words to the answers, I knew deep down I blew the interview in the worst possible way. Needless to say, I was not offered the position at the conclusion of the interview, so I was sure I was not getting that job.

A day later, the interviewer called me back. He requested that I come back in for another chat. I again suited up in my best shorts and t-shirt to go meet the interviewer. The interviewer asked, “Do you know why I want to meet with you today?” With no good answer in mind, I replied, “I am not quite sure.” His exact response to me was, “Eric, if you have the balls to walk into an interview in jeans and a t-shirt, you have the balls to do what it takes to be successful in this position.”

The passion, obsession and the humility to continue to listen and learn in the industry of dialysis was born in my mind and soul that very day.

I was hired with no experience as a dialysis equipment technician. My manager, the Area Chief Tech who was in the field for 25 years at that time wanted to hire someone he could mold and shape to be outstanding.

Not only did he teach me about water systems, dialysis machines, mixing concentrates, etc. He taught me about professionalism in healthcare, the importance of integrity and ownership, building strong relationships based on communication, organizational skills, having fun in such a vital role, inventory, cost per treatment, and so much more. Most importantly, he taught me how to be a leader by example.

In 2009, I took a heartbreaking lay off. The clinic I had been working for closed its doors. Collecting unemployment, which was 60% of my income, I began to sink financially. It was then, I had a vision of making the industry a better place for dialysis patients through my experience. Biomedix Dialysis became a mere vision.

It took 6 more years before I was in a position to take action on the vision. In 2015, I began strategizing, brainstorming, and bouncing ideas off others in the industry. After a year of strategic planning, in 2016 I got an opportunity to go out and prove what Biomedix Dialysis was made of. I began the grind to make a lasting impression with dialysis providers.

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