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Announcing our partnership with AmeriWater

Our partnership with AmeriWater elevates our company’s comprehensive Dialysis Technical Operations offering, by providing a single source for high-quality dialysis water systems, plus equipment repair and maintenance, testing and documentation, consulting and training, and more.
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Independent Technical Audits: A Best Practice for Every Dialysis Provider

Survey-readiness is one of the biggest pain points dialysis providers struggle with, and there are several reasons why. Dialysis technical operations are often managed by non-technical people. Dialysis Biomeds are often entry-level employees whose time is filled with non-technical tasks.…

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Transforming Dialysis Technical Operations

How We’re Transforming Dialysis Technical Operations

Biomedix represents an entirely new way of thinking about Dialysis Technical Operations and the Biomed’s role in it. I coined the term “Biomedical Care” to describe our company purpose and our unique approach to supporting patients, caregivers, Biomeds, and clinical…

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Rethinking Dialysis Technical Operations With Biomedix

Rethinking Dialysis Technical Operations

US dialysis providers have always cared for the country’s kidney care patients under challenging conditions. Now the pace and degree of change are off the charts, and providers are being called upon to innovate in unprecedented ways. To optimize productivity…

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The Biomedix Dialysis Concept

It's no secret, the dialysis industry has been stagnant and stuck for decades. High level executives are reluctant to change, or scared to death of it. As they say, "you can't graft a new idea to a closed mind." While…

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3 Signs Your Fresenius Machines Are Neglected

It's very unfortunate, but this is all too common in the industry. As the dialysis process requires a high level of teamwork between skilled clinical staff and technical, it's a shared responsibility to be sure machines are being pulled ASAP.…

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