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The Biomedix Dialysis Concept

It's no secret, the dialysis industry has been stagnant and stuck for decades. High level executives are reluctant to change, or scared to death of it. As they say, "you can't graft a new idea to a closed mind." While…

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3 Signs Your Fresenius Machines Are Neglected

It's very unfortunate, but this is all too common in the industry. As the dialysis process requires a high level of teamwork between skilled clinical staff and technical, it's a shared responsibility to be sure machines are being pulled ASAP.…

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A Vision for the Future of Biomedical Care

In 1999, I had a job interview at a dialysis clinic. Having only worked in the restaurant business, my idea of a job interview was walking into an establishment wearing shorts and a t-shirt to explain my experience and availability…

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